Plastic Machining in the Oil Drilling and Exploration Industries

PMI provides machined plastics for numerous applications in the oil industry, where temperature extremes, high pressure, and corrosive chemicals create operating conditions that can destroy or compromise metals and other materials.  Plastic products can excel in high-temperature and abrasive environments without failure or degradation, maintaining their properties under even the most severe conditions.

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Plastic Applications in the Oil Drilling and Exploration Industries

Protective equipment

Plastic products can withstand vibration, shock, and high temperatures.

Surface coatings

Plastic products are abrasion resistant, excelling in corrosive environments and at high temperatures without degrading.

Structural components

Plastics maintain their dimensional and chemical stability under severe conditions.  Resistance to heat, steam, and chemicals makes many plastics ideal for equipment seals, connectors, insulators, and electrical components.

Bearing and wear components

Plastics can provide low friction, dimensional stability with a wide temperature range and low thermal expansion, making them ideal for bearings, wear pads, thrust and rotary slides, gears, container liners, and other impact-resistant components.

Preferred Plastics for the Oil Drilling and Exploration Industries

The following plastics are frequently used in the oil drilling and exploration industries:

  • Acetal®
  • Celazole®
  • Nylatron®
  • PEEK
  • Polyethylene
  • PVC
  • Ryton®

For help selecting the optimal material for your application, contact the PMI technical support team.  We understand the unique advantages and limitations of each plastic material and can help you make the best choice for cost, function, and durability.


Semi-crystalline with extremely low wear and good rigidity, toughness, and dimensional stability.  It has low moisture absorption and is easy to machine.

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Excellent dimensional stability and strength at the highest sustained temperatures.


Self-lubricating, superior wear resistance and impact resistance.  It has excellent load bearing capabilities.

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Semi-crystalline material that provides exceptionally high temperature performance with good wear and friction properties.  Easily machined, formed, and welded, it is maintenance-free and wipes clean.  Provides design versatility with excellent dimensional stability, has good chemical resistance, and won’t degrade with exposure to water or steam.

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Olefin-based polymers with excellent chemical resistance.  It is easy to machine, is highly resistant to abrasion and stress-cracking, and has good water resistance.


Flexible, easily tailored for additional heat, chemical, and wear resistance.  It has good resistance to oil and low permeability to gases.  It is also easily machined, heat-formed, and welded.

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Ryton® PPS

Exceptional chemical resistance, compressive strength, and heat dissipation.

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