Plastic Machining Inc. employs over 100 years of combined experience, and we’re capable of offering in-house engineering assistance with your plastic parts design.  We can also help you choose the proper material for your application.  Our emphasis on plastic parts design and machining enables us to produce well designed plastic parts.  As an extra value-added service, we offer plastic parts design consultations from a machining point of view for machinability concerns like configuration, tolerance, and tooling.

We have extensive experience in Plastic Parts and are always available to discuss material and design requirements.  We also have sources readily available for nearly all plastics at the best prices.

Plastic Parts Design Assistance

PMI offers complete CAM software solutions for production machining.  With an extensive range of milling, turning, and mill/turn strategies, our seamless CAD integration and sophisticated automation tools can help from a machinist’s point of view.  Sometimes drawings have things that just can’t be done.  Let us provide you tips and guidelines on machining and tooling, which will increase our production and lower your costs.