Torlon Polymer Material


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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Material Description

Torlon® is a polyamide-imide (PAI) with exceptional thermal stability and toughness.  It is also the highest performing melt processable advantage of thermoplastics. Torlon® superior wear-resistance grades offer unsurpassed performance in both dry and lubricated environments.  It is capable of performing under severe stress conditions at continuous temperatures to 500°F (260°C).

Parts machined from Torlon® provide greater compressive strength and higher impact resistance than most advanced engineering plastics.  Torlon® has an extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion and high creep resistance, which provides dimensional stability over its entire use range.  Torlon® is an amorphous material with a glass transition temperature of 537°F (280°C).

Plastic Machining Inc has extensive experience in machining trolon® material (Also see Duratron®). Processing and machining of all parts take place in a completely controlled environment.  We build excellence into every part we machine and maintain a complete record of our products.


Industrial Process and Production Equipment

Laboratory & Diagnostic Equipment

  • Bearings, Bushings and rollers with creep resistance over 400 °F (205 °C)
  • Extreme wear resistance and high PV capabilities can eliminate costly lubrication’s systems
  • Ideal for industrial applications where elevated temperatures and aggressive chemicals are present
  • Small seals, seats, rings can take full advantages of Duratron® PAI’s stiffness and strength
  • Precision parts can be easily machined to extremely tight tolerances
  • Duratron® PAI’s excellent chemical resistance is ideal for use in lab and diagnostics


Chemical Processing Equipment  

  • Seals, connectors and wear parts maintain critical dimensions across a broad temperature range
  • Duratron® PAI easily withstands most fuels and lubricants
  • Lighter weight and lower cost than exotic metal alloys
  • Tight dimensional control of precision parts across a broad temperature range
  • Significant performance and efficiency gains are possible with seals machined from Duratron® PAI
  • Wear Resistance improvement over specialty alloys greatly improves Mean Time Between Rebuild/Repair
  • High temperature, lubrication-free performance increases the life of seats, seals and rings

Semiconductor manufacturing Equipment 

Electronics and Telecommunications Equipment 

  • High strength and stiffness are maintained to nearly 500° F (260° C)
  • Various grades can be used to achieve electrically insulative, dissipative or conductive performanc
  • Specialty grades offer next generation performance for specific process areas like Etch, Package & Test, and CMP
  • Connectors and fixtures machined from Duratron® PAI offer consistent electrical performance
  • Tiny parts can be easily machined to very tight tolerances

Torlon® is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers.