Torlon® 4301 PAI

Extruded Grade

Also see Duratron® T4301 PAI

General Purpose Wear and Friction Parts

Torlon® 4301 PAI is primarily used for wear and friction parts. It offers a very low expansion rate, low coefficient of friction and exhibits little or no slip-stick in use. This grade excels in severe service wear applications such as nonlubricated bearings, seals and bearing cages. Torlon® is the highest performing melt processable plastic. It has superior resistance to elevated temperatures. It is capable of performing under severe stress conditions at continuous temperatures to 500°F (260°C). Parts machined from Torlon® stock shapes provide greater compressive strength and higher impact resistance than most advanced engineering plastics. Its extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion and high creep resistance deliver excellent dimensional stability over its entire use range. Torlon® is an amorphous material with a Tg (glass transition temperature) of 537°F (280°C). Torlon® 4301’s flexural modulus of 1,000,000 psi, is higher than most other advanced engineering plastics. This grade excels in severe service wear applications such as non-lubricated bearings, seals, bearing cages and reciprocating compressor parts.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Torlon® 4301 is a wear-resistance grade of polyamide-imide (PAI) resign It has a good balance of mechanical properties and wear resistance. It offers high flexural and compressive strength a both velocity and high pressure conditions.

Torlon® PAI has the highest strenght and stiffness of any thermosplastic up to 275°C (525°F). It has outstanding resistance to wear, creep, and chemicals.

Potential applications for Torlon® 4301 polyamide-imide include thrust washers, spline liners, valve seats, bushings,

bearings, wear rings, cams and other applications requiring strength at high temperature and resistance to wear.

Injection Molding Grades:

  • High Flow: Torlon® 4301 HF
  • Low Flow: Torlon® 4301 LF
  • Low Flow Smal Pellets: Torlon® 4301 LFSP

Extrustion Grades:

  • High Flow: Torlon® 4301-EXT
  • Higher Flow: Torlon® 4301-HQ

Proven Applications
Bearing Cages

Torlon® 4203 and 4301 PAI’s low expansion rate and excellent wear resistance enable manufacturers to increase bearing speeds and extend part life. (Prior materials: Steel Cages, Hardened Steel Balls, Bronze Bushings)