Duratron® T5530 PAI

Also see Torlon® 5530 PAI

Glass Reinforced for Improved Load Capacity

Compression Molded Grade

Duratron T5530 PAI is 30% glass-reinforced. It ideal for higher load structural or electonic applications. This grade is similar in composition to Duratron®  T5030 PAI. It is selected for larger shapes or when the greatest degree of dimensional control is required. This grade is well suited for applications in the electrical/electronic, business equipment, aircraft and aerospace industries.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Proven Applications
High Temperature Electrical Connectors

Duratron T4203 PAI and Duratron T5030 PAI polyamide-imides provide outstanding electrical performance and high temperature stability. (Prior materials: Nylon, Quadrant PPS, Duratron® PEI)