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Providing complete solutions for your engineering and CNC Plastic Part Machining needs through our precision CNC Plastic machining shop. Our established in-house CNC machining capabilities provides our customers with quality machined parts. We create CNC programs directly from customer files or drawings which ensure accuracy of all finished parts.

Plastic Fabrication & Machining

3D Plastic Machining | Laser Engraving| Plastic CNC Turning | Plastic Drilling | Plastic Lathe & Live Tooling | Plastic Milling

Plastic Machining Inc. puts quality, experience, and commitment into every phase of the machining process. We maintain state of the art machining capabilities and award winning quality inspections. Our attention to detail insures quick, efficient turnaround at a competitive price and on-time delivery of your precision machined component.

Our facility is dedicated to machining high performance plastics only. We use only the latest in modern equipment and techniques to ensure fast price production. We employ computer software packages that perform comprehensive inspection with complete reports along with complete traceability of all materials used.

PMI has a state of the art plastic machine shop with an advanced set of equipment that is capable of making a variety of plastic machined parts. We also have industry experts that can help clients design and engineer a part in order to streamline the development process and lower costs.

Plastic Machined Parts

Plastic Machining Inc. is able to make quality plastic machined parts from over 30 different materials. These include:

Processing and machining of all parts take place in a completely controlled environment. We build excellence into every part we machine and maintain a complete record of our products. Please click on the specific material for detailed information about it.

Plastic Machining and Manufacturing Services

Prototyping Services | Design Capabilities | Reverse Engineering | Material Selection Assistance

Plastic Machining Inc. employs over 100 years of combined experience and we're capable of offering in house engineering assistance with your plastic parts design and help you choose the proper material for your application.

Our emphasis on plastic parts design and machining enables us to recognize the requirements and produce well designed plastic parts. As an extra value added service we offer plastic parts design consultation from a machining point of view for machinability concerns like configuration, tolerance, and tooling.

We have extensive experience in plastic parts and are always available to discuss materials and design requirements. We have sources readily available for nearly all plastics at the best prices. Let us provide you with guidelines to assist with your unique application.

Industries Served

Plastic Machining Inc. can help you find a solution to your need across a wide variety of industries, including:

With the many plastic materials available today, selecting the best one for your plastic parts can be a challenge. The most popular reasons for switching to plastic parts are:

  • Longer part life
  • Elimination of lubrication
  • Reduced wear on mating parts
  • Faster operation of equipment
  • Less power needed to run equipment
  • Corrosion resistance and inertness